Sunday, August 11, 2013

Prologue to Something Great--added to the new version.

     Entering my apartment, I could not wait for Peter to come over. I was planning a surprise dinner for him. Too excited about making dinner and wanting it to be perfect, I decided to ditch my psychology class. I had never skipped a class before, but I couldn’t help myself.
     Peter and I had been dating for almost a year. He is perfect in every way…charming, sweet, and very good-looking. He was the type of guy I would usually stay away from—the dangerous bad boy that knew how to smooth talk his way into your pants—but lucky for me, Peter has been gentle, loving, and faithful. He is a great, handsome package. The only problem is the distance.
     The loud noise from my roommate’s room told me one thing. She was having sex…again. This wouldn’t be the first time I’d come home to find her with a guy in her room, but it was a good thing she kept her door closed. Cassandra had a very bad habit of sleeping with boys just for her pleasure. I didn’t judge since she didn’t have a boyfriend and it was mutual. Who was I to judge or even tell her what to do?
     Feeling irritated, I quietly went to my room hoping I’d come home at the tail end of it and that it would be over soon. Trying to distract myself, I took out my textbook and started to read, but it wasn’t helping. Instead, they were turning me on. Heat flushed to my face and parts of my body. Oh my god! It was like hearing a porn show, not that I would know what that was like.
     Not wanting to be here, I got up and started to head for my bedroom door. Just as I reached for the doorknob, the screaming stopped. Debating whether to bolt out the front door or to stay put, I decided to see what they would do. Trying not to make any sound, I started to tippy toe to my desk. But what I heard next froze me in place and my heart dropped to the floor.
     The sound of the door swinging open was what I heard first, then Cassandra’s voice. “Peter… you don’t have to leave. She’ll be here in two hours. She’s in class right now.”
     What did she just say? My heart started thumping in overdrive and I felt the blood drain out of my face. Hoping that I’d misheard her, I walked closer to the door.
     “I can’t be here when she comes.”
     “Aww…come on. How about round two?” Cassandra’s tone was flirtatious.
     Their voices were louder and sounded like it was coming right by my door. And that was definitely Peter’s voice. Oh my God! What the hell? I couldn’t believe this was happening. It can’t be true. Feeling as if someone had just punched my stomach, I wrapped my arms around myself as I tried not to drop to the floor from feeling sick. I couldn’t breathe and the room started to spin. I wanted to throw up and the taste of acid filled my mouth.
     My body started to tremor with hurt and anger as I listened to their voices again. “I would love to, but I can’t. I need to run a couple of errands and I’ll be back. What if she comes home early?”
     “It never stopped you before. We’ve been doing this for a couple of months. She’s never come home early. You should know by now how she is—the good girl, follows the rules, the boring type. When are you going to tell her you don’t want to see her any more?”
      As kissing and pecking sounds filled my ears, I backed up against the wall behind me. Soaking in their words, tears filled my eyes. She was right. I was the good girl kind, the stupid good girl who should be mad as hell and bolt out of my room, and give them a piece of my mind, but I couldn’t. I hated being confrontational and I would rather run and pretend it never happened than face them.
     Peter was the ideal boyfriend. How wrong I was about him. I took a chance on a person who had a reputation of being a player, thinking that I could prove everyone wrong and show them good-looking guys like him could have a serious, long lasting relationship. How wrong I was.
     As my body shook and tears streamed down my face, I had to make a decision—stay here and wait for Peter to leave or face them now. When I heard the sound of a door closing and no voices after that, I decided to run out the front door and get away from everything that had happened.
     Wiping my tears, I quietly walked out of my bedroom door to find Peter by the sofa just standing there. Our eyes locked, both of our faces mirroring the same shocked look. And the dagger that was already in my heart, twisted painfully more, cutting deeper just seeing him face to face.
     “Jenna.” He cleared his throat. I could tell he’d figured out I was home since he was standing next to my backpack.
     “How long—” he stammered.
     “No. You don’t get to ask me anything.” My quivering lips were just as bad as my hands. I wanted to take my backpack with me, but I didn’t want to be anywhere near him so I paced sideways to the front door.
     “Jenna…please let me explain.”
     I didn’t want to hear all the lies he would feed my mind. “How could you do this to us? You were my first. I gave you all of me…everything!”
     Surprisingly, he looked apologetic, but I didn’t care.
     “Stop!” I yelled when he started to approach me. “I don’t ever want to see you again. There is nothing you can do to fix this. We are done.”
     Uncontrollable tears poured down my face. I hated that I was crying in front of him. Crying showed that he meant something to me. Crying showed that I was hurting. Crying showed that it would be difficult for me to trust someone like him ever again.
     “Jenna, it’s not what you think!”
     I huffed a heavy sigh. Did he think I was that stupid? “I hate you! I don’t ever want to see you again!” I yelled.
     Peter crushed my heart and shattered it into a million little pieces. He broke me that day. Broke me to the point that it would change me forever. Trust would never come easily ever again. From now on, I would guard my heart and always take the safe road. Without looking back, I ran out the door. That was the last time I saw Peter. As for Cassandra, we were never that close. Knowing what type of girl she was, I never cared to get close to her, but I never thought she would be this low. I learned a hard lesson that day. Some girls will do anything to get what they want, even if it meant hurting other people.

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Signed Book Of Something Great & Bracelet Giveaway

       Frazzled, I stood there just putting the pieces of his words together, trying to register all that he had said. He was asking me out, and I was screaming inside saying yes, but my mind repeatedly said no. Oh God…how badly I wanted to say yes. “I shouldn’t…I mean, I can’t…I….”
      “You mean, you’re scared,” he suggested. “All I’m asking is for one night.” He approached me again. “I promise you won’t regret it.” His fingers slowly brushed through my hair, holding on to the last bit of the strand. I stood there frozen, hypnotized by his words, by his touch. His hands moved to my face, gently cupping it as if he was holding a wounded dove, and idly stroking his thumb over my cheeks. “Women blush around me all the time. But the women who throw themselves at me don’t. I like how I can make your cheeks turn red. It’s different…sweet, yet sexy at the same time…somewhat innocent.”
      Oooh…he was just being arrogant now. The office wasn’t big enough to fill the size of his ego. Sure, my body said yes, but my mind said no. He continued. “And…somehow…you make me blush…and I’ve never blushed before. I think I like how that feels…too much.”
     His words were slow in coming, and every word made me wither in his deep sensual gaze, reeling me in. I made him blush? Blinking, I reluctantly broke out of the hold he had on me, went to my desk, grabbed my workbag, and started heading out the door. “This meeting is adjourned, Mr. Knight,” I stammered.
      Letting out an amused light chuckle, his eyes followed me storming out the door. But just before I left, I heard him mutter, “All right, you leave me no choice.”
      What did he mean by that?

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Winners for Something Great Authors Ebook Giveaways

Thank you so much for participating. There were tons of entries. Your support and stopping by means the world to us. You will be contacted by the author as to which ebook you won. Lots of hugs and thank yous :)


1. Shadow Kohler
2. Ernesto Martinez
3. Janie Iturralde
4. Carolyn Johnson
5. Zee Hayat
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