Book Club

Questions for discussion by chapters
1.        Chapter one was the author’s real dream, except for the name of the voice that spoke to her.  Have you experienced a dream where you knew you were in a spiritual place or with someone that you felt that was spiritual?
2.       After you pass away, do you believe a loved one is waiting to take you to Heaven?  Or do you find it yourself?  Do you know where to go?   Have you ever dreamt of anyone who passes away?  Are these dreams just dreams or are they visiting you in your dream?  If good spirits can visit, do you believe bad ones can as well?
3.       After reading the prologue, the reader understands Michael’s feeling toward Claudia.  Why would he act so rude and mean to her in chapter 3?
4.       Do you believe that there is a place between Heaven and Earth?  Could there be a place like Crossroads?
5.       Do you believe nephilam exists, half human and half angel?  Are there any hints in the Bible or other books?
6.       Chapter 6, Julia was a fallen angel who had ability to turn into something that you fear most.  What do you fear most? 
7.       Agnes has the power to heal.  If you were an angel, what power would you desire?
8.       Chapter 8, Michael transports Claudia back to her world.  If you could transport anywhere, where would that be and why?
9.       Claudia gets a car from her mom, for her birthday.  Do you remember you first car and how did you felt?
10.   In chapter 10, you meet Austin for the first time.  How do you feel about him in that chapter?
11.   Have you ever been camping with a group of friends or your family?  Did you like it?  Did you encounter animals?  Did you sleep inside a sleeping bag?  How did you feel sleeping inside a tent?
12.   When Claudia falls off the cliff, her last thoughts were of Michael.  If you fell off the cliff who or what would be your last thoughts?
13.   Claudia sees Michael’s wings for the first time.  Why would Michael be ashamed?
14.   Butterflies represent different symbolism to different culture.  What does it symbolizes to you?
15.   Michael shows his weakness for the very first time.  He falls on his knee after flying with Claudia.  He needed to go back and to reenergize.  What do you think his thoughts were?  Claudia and Davin’s thoughts.
16.   The author doesn’t write about the part that goes on between Gamma and Aden.  What do you think happened?
17.   Claudia finds out that she is special.  Do you think it is possible that a child like her may have existed or exist today?
18.   Davin is a gatekeeper.  Vivian is their locator.  Caleb is the sweeper.  Why are their powers limited?
19.   Claudia finds out that her mom is not her biological mom.  She also finds out that her real mom passed away.  How would you feel?  What would you do?  
20.   What did you think about the alkins not knowing the culture of today?  Do you think angels know about our advance technology?
21.   There is a painting of a beautiful angel named Katherine with golden wings.  Who is she?  Why is her picture there?
22.   We found out that Alexa Rose opened the gates of hell.  Name a demon and the power she or he would posses.
23.   Patty is such a great friend to Claudia.  Do you have a friend like Patty?  What did she do for you that you’ll never forget?
24.   Have you ever look up at the clouds and saw an imaginary picture of something?  What did you imagine to see?
25.   Burying Gamma was difficult for Claudia.  At what age was your fist experience in losing a loved one? What was the first funeral like?  What were your thoughts?
26.   Michael swoons Claudia by making their date special in chapter 26.  How would you describe your most romantic date?

More questions: 
1.       Who is your favorite character and why?
2.       If Michael, Davin, Vivian, and Caleb can remember their past lives, what do you think it would have been like for them?  Where did they live?  What did they do?
3.       Michael once followed Aden and rebelled against the Twelve.  Why did he follow Aden and why did he change his mind later?
4.       Why are the alkins so excited to come to Earth?
5.       Why did Gamma shelter Claudia?
6.       What role will Austin play in book 2?
7.       If you could live forever, what age would that be?
8.       If you fell in love with someone and you knew he couldn’t give you forever, would you continue the relationship?
9.       Describe Crossroads in three words.
10.   If you could choose another name for the book, what would you call it and why?
11.   Name songs that remind you of Crossroads.
12.   Claudia’s mom says to her: Be good to those who are alive, because what good is it when they are dead.  What does she mean by those words?   What was she trying to teach Claudia?