For my grandmother, Lucy Rhee, the reason this book was written.  I know you are in heaven watching over me.

My husband, Richard, and kids, Joshua and Kaitlin, you are my life and the reason for my happiness.

Enormous thanks to Kristina, Linda and Jennie.  They have dedicated countless hours in making this book possible.  Kristina, the most creative person I know, who has been there for me from the start.  For your motivation, enthusiasm and love of the characters that got us excited to move forward with the book.  Linda, for constantly challenging me to improve the story and for your critical feedback regarding characters and plot.  Jennie, for your vital editorial guidance and wonderful suggestions that were essential to the story’s development. 

Michelle, who has inspired me that dreams can come true and for all your support.
For my parents-for the person I am today.  Roy, Maggie, Nancy, Lily, Jane, Jenny, Patricia, Hung, Gracie, Holly, Barbara and Ai for your support in everything I do.
For my little cheerleader, Sylvie, my number one fan.

To Karen, my publisher, thank you for taking a chance on Crossroads and for being such a wonderful person.  Maxine, thank you for your professional editorial feedback and for being easy to work with. Clarrissa Moon, you have a big heart.  Thank you for all your help. 

For the readers of this book, fly with me through this incredible journey.  Fall in love with the characters as much as I did and make Crossroads your place to be.  Thank you for your support.