Friday, October 28, 2011

The Winner is...

I would like to thank Michele Luker, Victoria Kennedy, Almog Panker, Sapir Panker, Nanci Rowe Protonentis and Ashely Pasco for participating Crossroads contest. I cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort. You have truly touched my heart and I am so lucky to have such wonderful supportive fan-friends. There were 3 judges to make this fair. I did not judge!!! The judges were an author, blog, and a friend from inspiredbytwilight. Congratulations to Ashely Pasco. Please email me with your address. Soon to come-more giveways and a book giveaway from WC author. Thank you so much for your support....hugs!!!!!


  1. OMG,i forgot the last date :((
    Its fine
    Well congo to the winner :)
    Crossroad rocks!!
    Coz my friend Mary wrote it <3

  2. OMG--after the Twilight series I never thought I could match it!!! Just read the first chapter of Crossroads!!! I'm ordering it now!!! Can't wait!!! Would love the Twilight shirt !!!