Monday, June 25, 2012

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The Blurb
Jenna Austin is a young, widowed artist raising a teenage son on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. As the costs of living in paradise rise, she struggles to make ends meet. Life isn't easy, but she manages. When her car breaks down, she trudges on. She assumes life can't get any more complicated than it is. But it can...Chance brings her nose to well-formed chest with Tres Coulter, the handsome, affluent aid to Governor Hunt. Jenna and Tres share a history; they also share a love they thought long lost. Their lives are about to be altered forever as the deceptions of the past transform the very foundation of the present.The price of happily ever after may be too steep to pay once the past comes due. Excerpt Jenna perused the wine shelf. Gourmet screw top, gas station wine was the answer to her chilled flesh and growing head ache. That and a hot shower. The selection was far from overwhelming, so she chose with ease. She tucked the bottle under her arm and headed for the check out. On her way to the counter, she took a gander at Tanner. He bent over and ran his hand across the tire tread then stroked the chrome hub cap. She hoped he didn’t get down and crawl under the stupid thing. She shook her head and walked on. . .straight into a mound of sturdy warm flesh. Jenna cringed, then opened her eyes to find herself nose to chest with a well formed male body. She felt her cheeks flame with embarrassment. “I am so sorry.” She answered without looking up. “No problem. . .Jenna.” The voice rang familiar. Jenna, in an instant, felt a moment of mystical calm. A rightness in the world kind of feeling. But, this feeling was instantly replaced with full blown, blood draining, knee weakening panic. “Tres.” The word nearly choked her. Her heart beat so rapidly she thought it might leap from her mouth if she opened it again. She looked over her shoulder at Tanner. Fortunately, he was still preoccupied with the Bat Mobile. “So, how have you been?” He asked the question slowly, with an emphasis on each and every word. Jenna doubted the friendliness of the question. It seemed more like the beginning of an interrogation. Like where were you on the night of September 7th? Simple question, kill yourself answer. Jenna gulped. She’d declare the fifth if she had to. Oh and here is the interview for those who signed up for one. :D Interview Questions I am a mom, a wife, and an incurable day dreamer. I have a degree in counseling from Marshall University and a license in social work. I have way too many pets because I repeatedly fall for the “we’ll take care of it” line from my kids.

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