Thursday, August 16, 2012

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"Love is in question. Trust is debatable. No one is safe. Between by Mary Ting is an enchanting, nail-biter that will leave you breathless from the exquisite cover to the thrilling end." Gabby, Nashville Young Adult Fiction Examiner/What's Beyond Forks
"The fluid motion of her words and realistic characters wrapped around my imagination like the very angels Mary Ting writes about. OMG I laughed and cried!!!" Joann Buchann, author of I Am Wolf/Shark Radio

"You will be completed entranced by the world of Mary Ting's angels. With loveable characters, sweet romance, suspense and an original plot, Between will captivate readers of all ages. A heavenly debut!" Charlotte Blackwell, author of Embrace series

"Hang on to your wings, you are in for a thrilling and gripping story about love, promises, and sacrifice. Everything a sequel should be, Between is a brilliant and lovely tale that is remarkably tender, sexy, poignant, and made the romantic in me swoon." Jennifer Howell,

"OMG, What a ride!!! I adored Crossroads (book1) but Between oh lord! It blew it right out the park!! It's bigger and better. Full of danger, excitment, passion, betrayal and above all love!" Siobhan, Totally Bookalicious


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