Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Signed Book Of Something Great & Bracelet Giveaway

       Frazzled, I stood there just putting the pieces of his words together, trying to register all that he had said. He was asking me out, and I was screaming inside saying yes, but my mind repeatedly said no. Oh God…how badly I wanted to say yes. “I shouldn’t…I mean, I can’t…I….”
      “You mean, you’re scared,” he suggested. “All I’m asking is for one night.” He approached me again. “I promise you won’t regret it.” His fingers slowly brushed through my hair, holding on to the last bit of the strand. I stood there frozen, hypnotized by his words, by his touch. His hands moved to my face, gently cupping it as if he was holding a wounded dove, and idly stroking his thumb over my cheeks. “Women blush around me all the time. But the women who throw themselves at me don’t. I like how I can make your cheeks turn red. It’s different…sweet, yet sexy at the same time…somewhat innocent.”
      Oooh…he was just being arrogant now. The office wasn’t big enough to fill the size of his ego. Sure, my body said yes, but my mind said no. He continued. “And…somehow…you make me blush…and I’ve never blushed before. I think I like how that feels…too much.”
     His words were slow in coming, and every word made me wither in his deep sensual gaze, reeling me in. I made him blush? Blinking, I reluctantly broke out of the hold he had on me, went to my desk, grabbed my workbag, and started heading out the door. “This meeting is adjourned, Mr. Knight,” I stammered.
      Letting out an amused light chuckle, his eyes followed me storming out the door. But just before I left, I heard him mutter, “All right, you leave me no choice.”
      What did he mean by that?

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  1. the only plce it would not go on y face book
    and then the book sound great and then i put it on blogger and then twtiter and othe stie

  2. Cant wait for the next or is that bad for me to say telling people there is a second book but either way I will say it's worth it xxxx

    1. lol!!! It's okay Stacy. You can tell the world :)

  3. OMG what a pretty bracelets. This is my first time to this site but my friend has told me about your work and you are very very good!
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    1. Welcome! And thank you for checking it out and thank your friend for spreading the word about me :)

  4. beautiful work on the bracelet... but I'm MORE interested in the BOOK!!!! :-) best of luck to all